03.-04.07.2019 Workshop über die Suche von Datensätzen in Suchmaschinen

Wir möchten auf u.g. Workshop aufmerksam machen, der am 3.-4. Juli beim JRC in Ispra stattfindet. Der sehr technisch ausgerichtete Workshop richtet sich primär an Webentwickler, Datenbereitsteller und Suchmaschinen-Experten.

Dear colleagues,

as a (late) follow-up of the dataset search workshop at the 2018 INSPIRE conference, we will be organising a workshop on making spatial data discoverable through mainstream search engines on 3-4 July at JRC in Ispra.

We are inviting proposals for presentations on experiences with search engine optimisation for geospatial data and related topics, including (but not limited to):

  • design and content of landing pages for data and services following SEO principles
  • exposing geospatial services in a Web-friendly way (e.g., by supporting an HTML presentation of the capabilities, as well as of the service "content")
  • use of Linked Data for improving the discoverability of geospatial meta/data
  • use of persistent HTTP URIs for datasets, services, and/or single geographic features / data items
  • use of GeoDCAT-AP for metadata publication (either as an alternative or only metadata format)
  • integration of schema.org markup in Web pages
  • use of sitemaps for informing search engines about datasets, services, and single features / data items available online
  • use of robots.txt and HTML meta tags (e.g., index, follow) to optimise the indexing of a Web site and of services giving access to meta/data
  • web site integration with with SEO tools (e.g., Google Search Console)
  • use of commercial tools for improving the visibility of datasets, services, and single feature / data items (e.g., Google AdWords)

Presentations can be of two types:

  • speed presentations (max. 5 min) introducing a topic or issue, which will then be discussed in small break-out groups
  • long presentations (max. 15 min + 5 min for questions) presenting experiences or good practices

The presentation proposal should include:

  • title of presentation,
  • presenter name, email and organisation,
  • type of presentation (speed or long)
  • an abstract (max. 300 words) describing the discussion topic and questions (for speed presentations) or experience/good practices (for long presentations)

The abstracts should be sent to andrea.perego(at)ec.europa.eu and Marcin.Grudzien(at)gugik.gov.pl by 10 May 2019.


Participants will be notified about acceptance/rejection of their proposals by 17 May.


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