There are many ways to get data

The Geoportal Brandenburg is the central entry point to the SDI Brandenburg. From there, you can get access to geospatial data on numerous topics from more than 100 providers of the public sector.

In addition to official geospatial base data, you will also find valuable specialized data that can be easily integrated in your applications or processes.

The following gives you a quick overview of how to search spatial data on our geoportal!

  • Map application

    The map application is located directly on the start page. In most cases, you will find there what you are looking for, as you can search directly across all databases.

    How to proceed:

    There is a search bar at the top of the application. This gives you access to spatial data from the following categories:

    • Addresses and places
    • Services and data (metadata)
    • Cadastral data

    You can either search across all categories or make a preselection to the left of the search field. This is useful if you already know under which category the result falls.

    Once a search term is entered, you will first receive a quick hit display. If the desired result is not there, you can also call up the detailed search and filter according to further criteria!

  • Geodata providers

    If you already know from which provider the data you are looking for comes from, then an interactive overview with all providers is available for you.

    How to proceed:

    Simply search for the relevant provider there. You can choose appropriate filter and restriction options.

    If you select the provider, you will be redirected to all services and data sets. From there you have more options. For example, you have access to the addresses of the web services and can integrate them into your applications. It is also possible to load them directly into the geoportal's map viewer.

  • Geo-applications

    We also keep an extensive list of Brandenburg specialist portals. Due to the high demand for geospatial data, municipalities and administrations now also have their own geoportals or map applications on their websites.

    How to proceed:

    After opening the list of applications, the number of choices is already very long. Simply filter for a keyword or limit your search with the available filter options!


The geoportal gives you easy access to a large number of geodata sets from the state of Brandenburg. And the trend is rising.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, we will be happy to help.

In our FAQs you will quickly find answers to frequently asked questions. Alternatively, you can also contact us!

Would you like to know more about the SDI?

You can find information on the basic concepts of our spatial data infrastructure at the following page: Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)