Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)

The Spatial Data Infrastructure Brandenburg (SDI Brandenburg) is part of the German (SDI Germany) and European (INSPIRE) Spatial Data Infrastructure. It aims to provide official geodata, other spatial data and metadata from Brandenburg centrally and uniformly for general use. This is done in accordance with the requirements of public administration, business, research and citizens on the basis of a suitable and technical (internet-based) infrastructure. There is a close coordination with the national project Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany (SDI Germany) and the requirements of Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council for the creation of a Spatial Data Infrastructure in the European Community (INSPIRE).

Furthermore, the Brandenburg Spatial Infrastructure Act (BbgGDIG), the master plan for the development of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Brandenburg (SDI Brandenburg) and some administrative requirements are implemented by the SDI Brandenburg.

The development of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Brandenburg is a common task of all departments dealing with spatial data in Brandenburg. The local authorities, business and research are invited to actively participate in the structure and design of the SDI Brandenburg.

An SDI is used via map applications and geospatial services. The map applications, spatial data and geoservices can be found using the metadata stored in the system (information about spatial data).

Further information

  • Central components of the SDI Brandenburg: Geoportal Brandenburg as well as the central metadata system with its Catalogue Service gateway (ProMIS / CSW-GDI-BB)
  • SDI Germany – with information on national components
  • INSPIRE – official site of the Infrastructure for spatial information in Europe

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